Friday, February 19, 2010

Little Girl's Hairstyles - Ponytails with twist braid 5-7 min

When I ask my little gal here what hairstyle she wants in the morning, she almost always says, "Just a ponytail.......puh-leeze??" And believe it or not......I don't always want to do fancy schmancy hair. SO, here's a little girl's hairstyle that's cute, easy, FAST, and it pleases my little sweetie.
For this one I did an angle part in the front, and then zig zagged it in the back. When I part off for ponytails like this, where all the hair will be involved, I always spray the parts with water, and comb the hair away from the part. This helps me from combing the hair into the wrong side.       
After putting her hair in ponytails, I took about a third of her ponytail, from the front of the pony, and put it in a twist braid. If your daughter's hair isn't naturally straight, you can straighten it or roundbrush it, if you prefer (or just leave it wavy!) The point with this hairstyle is to minimize time! When you are done, send those beauties off with a pat and say "Go forth and play!" :)


  1. Sounds exactly like me. Why do they like ponytails? I LOVE fancy.
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  2. this is so adorable. Can't wait until the little girls have more hair. The last time I did braids or twists, they just stuck straight out. But this looks so fun.

  3. So going to try this do tomorrow!! I will be sending you some St. Patty's bows soon!!

  4. Would you please add my hair blog to your side bar???

  5. cute hairstyles for cute babies... the plait is very nice.. the pattern of hair is cool................

  6. I've been getting so many cute ideas from your site! Thanks for sharing your talents...I'm a mom of 4 really great boys but only 1 precious girl so this hair stuff is all new but SO FUN!


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